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I heard things such as monster style, dirty style, etc.

You may even be a little Jewish. The mashed potato eye has another problem, we kick off horse week in trek trivia, ESPN has some ESPNlaining to do, aspririn as contraception, Iran and its army of Ninja Women, Gary Busey has nothing left, the great character actors, Major Spoilers, great Simpson cameos, and mailbag mondays await!

It totally shits me that people think Race Humour and Racism are the same thing. Forced feminization tumbler. Or hell, maybe go fiesta and add chopped lettuce and tomatoes too. Patty effin mayo naked. We will definitely get her a doggy patty next time. I am mostly ashamed because I have been co-opted into some of the white people stuff…. Nowhere in Nature do we see the superior fleeing before the inferior, nor do we observe where a superior charitably tries to help sustain or uplift an inferior species.

It drives me nuts that you can smoke in there. I went to a White Castle sober one time. Newspaper delivery dude story, ibbots travel plan changes are expensive, The Vita news, Denver is full of penis things, cellphone cancer spike not happening, the oscars decided what is or isn't animation, Wendi is back with Therapy Thursdays, and JRY is back with Weird Things, Gaga on top, Cosby show lady died, Hunger Games plan, Marilyn Monroe would be 85, and MORE!

Farrah Fawcett's red swimsuit on display at Smithsonian. Banana tits images. This blog is just plain funny. Get off your ivory tower and find better things to do with your time to sit around judging people. Where can I start a march, and if I do start a march, will anyone join me? Louis mourns the loss of the Mustache Institute, what's with all the early deaths lately of famous people, Insane Clown Posse gets labled, Apple suit is stupid, Major Spoilers, Geek Food, your emails and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

We call a professional athlete while they're having dinner and tell them a story about a teen girl's period! INO no longer makes burgers larger than four patties. Bspot wins for the pickle bar, Ramsey wins for that unreal pudding on top of the shake, and for their fries.

Hey, everybody, Ray Rice is back! I think Paul Mooney said it best: At first I thought this was written by a white cuz it so white. However, none of these people subscribe or are victims to the mental disease of insecurity and inferiority complex which I described above. PS our dog got stinky afterwards. North Korea officially condemns Franco and Rogen.

The fact that INO has applied its own nomenclature merely serves to make it quicker and more efficient for both the restaurant and the customer. It was slightly disappointing, but still a tasty surprise. Dreams that make me drool. Poooor, poor morgan freeman. Go in back of the screen in movie room when u get home an there is the box avielle likes to play with in the tub jus in case u were looking for it!!!! But the burgers were pretty good as well. Sex girl singapore. What historial maniac are you test?

It's funny what people seek out, though. Just make sure if you order it again, give the cashier a reciept.

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A new podcast of dark and creepy tales read aloud by the author, meant to chill and make you think at the same time. Gorgeous young milf. DJ Jay tries to read a story, but Bronwyn live-censors him because it's too filthy to read on-air!. I have topic for yo:. View topic - las vegas. Patty effin mayo naked. White people also like unique screen printed T-shirts, and if they see someone else wearing one that they own, they will feel bad.

Try visiting appalachia or any other low-income white community. Bloggess, Firstly, I want to tell you that i love your blog. Makes me sick to think about it. The Playlist and Comments Board are broken, so Bronwyn sits in a dark room, speaking to herself. I stayed away from shakes but that burger was spendid. Danica thrall naked pics. We are all funny!! Also, he is on his own again this week which means he will eat bad, sadly.

A cold water balloon. Except for maybe Victor. New law banning farting in public. Since there was such a long line, they had put out some employees outside of the IN N OUT resturant to take our order. Youtube is NOT blocking your videos. The Rock is gonna be all up in your DC movies. I some how warped it soon after I got it and had to pound it back to flat and it still does pretty good.

Let's gear up to be kind this weekend, 21 things that will happen if you don't eat meat, smoking animal poop and never showering equals long life, what to do when you find yellow dog barf, Hershey wants all that Nutella money, LaBOOOF does not like Jim Carrey, Oscar Nominations are in, Depp leads the razzie nominations, your emails and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

In which much poetry is read and intellectual waxing about aesthetics occurs See the playlist Listen: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Could stand to be a be a bit spicier though.

And Rhia, hate to burst your bubble, but there was such a thing as porn in vic times. Very skinny women naked. Thank you for the confirmation that I am actually not really all that stable. The laws of Nature are unchanging, unbending and unyielding. Like one in ten white people probably have a record player and they love showing it off and talking about the vinyl.

Best fast food french fries. Your one stop shop for all your Cabinet of Curiosity needs. Try whole-grilled onions on your next burger…I like them much better than the standard chopped grilled. They hang on my every word on NPR and prison radio. As a white person living in the Caribbean I thoroughly enjoyed this site.

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I have just read a sizeable chunk of your site and it appears that I am a black person. The members of any race will NOT all be the same.

Feldman's awesome new hair cut. A friend pointed me to your site tonight. Here comes the World Cup! Cause they were pussies. This concept is kind of old, now, but still a good source of witty quips for white people to post on their Gtalk away messages or Facebook profiles. That Horse is Dead! I often critique a menu by whether it offers a burger with an egg hahaha!

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