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As the OP who started the thread, I'm a farmer, not the holder of the vendetta. Ebony hanging tits. I was watching this video of "Ouija" artist who is signed to ICP's label doing interviews with fans and I got so much secondhand embarrassment. Danielle bregoli nudes reddit. No wonder she's being controlling and showing limited photos. I wish I had known what gold that shit was.

If you go anywhere else to 'talk positively about a cow', it's just lip service, smoke blowing and ass kissing. Does anyone here have all the knowledge on her? Shooping isnt kota's only offense. She duped him, his family and friends into thinking that he got her pregnant with twins.

But she had her with her lately when she talked about going to Florida Disneyland or something with another new guy pimpidk. Think Herbalife or Amway or Scentsy if you know of these companies. Maybe it would push me tp work on my novel more. That sounds like it would be hilarious. Sexy nude football girls. I really need to know the tumblt url of the person running the current website, because they seemed to be in some relevant drama and I want to read it all.

I think he still follows some of my accounts now despite me wanting nothing to do with him. Could discuss autumn asphodel, and all the other wackos. Should we just start talking about specific posters and perhaps their drama or should it be more structured? An active vintage milk thread that isn't in the g or ot catalogues would be great. From what she posts it seems like hes just playing along with her delusions. Welcome Click the link in your email - or.

I'm still learning about this one myself, so I don't feel qualified to handle making a thread about this, but holy moly. I ight have a potential lolcow for you. Watch The Best Trending Videos. Absolutely not a cow. I always get a kick out of seeing them on the art snow threads but they usually derail and start arguments. Such an incredibly unlikeable person, which here kinda translates to an incredibly promising cow.

With bonus "ironically" shitty selfies! Her lips make me nauseous especially when she does videos with the plug in her medusa out and licking her lips.

The ones who whine about being broke only to spend all their money on drugs, and about how hard it is being black? Whatever happened to her? Barcroft tv has some crazies too, that'd also be an interesting thread. Tits in ropes. There's some serious mental illness in that girl. I mean, if its just the ugly shooping then idk if I would say that he really warrants his own thread.

We also need an "Intervention:

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Pops pills and neglects her two living children.

Tumblr" edition where these crazy haired self-diagnosing attention whores get taken seriously and thrown in a nut hut for a week to see how actual crazy people live. She's extremely materialistic and only cares about looks and money. Brian griffin yiff. It's not for shaming people into changing or going on moral crusades against problematic people.

He fucking filled an old microwave with cement, put his head in it, his makeshift breathing tube became clogged, and his friends are keep saying obvious shit like, "wow this cement is really hard and heavy," while he struggles to breathe. What do you think? Even the people who are creatively behind any of her works avoid her because she has to make everything about herself, and she apparates behind them any time they're interviewed at cons, and then she turns around and talks trash about them on Twitter.

Not that hard to find with the magic of google. Danielle bregoli nudes reddit. Her and her bf dress like horror clowns days of the year, and she let's her rats crawl around on everything; which already looks dirty and grungy. Would it be okay to make a France General thread in which we could write in French? She's pretty milky from a scammer PoV but I get the feeling most people here support her views on marriage. Don't know if there is any milk, but he is skinny af.

Blows things out of proportion and if you don't block who she says to block you're just as bad. Moving onto more recent albeit also pretty old milk - the Mortal Instruments - she got a leg up in the industry because of two things: I know a few people who were actually sued by him.

I actually love her insta. Indian desi hots. Gotta say I envy her looks… She had a tumblr a few years ago and I used to follow her, totally different style, she was more of a hippie yogi back then. Not a thread to hate on veganism obviously but rather to talk about the screeching loonies who happen to be vegan, like Vegan Gains and Freelee the latter of which is still cringe as fuck but her thread is dead. Nevertheless, Reddit's platform is structurally based on the ability for people to distribute, promote, and highlight textual materials as well as links to images and other media.

Can be for semi famous or people that uses know irl. She's of age and still pulling this shit and has ramped up her crazy to 11 recently which is why I think she deserves a thread. There are people riding her case and talking with CPS. Never have I seen so many butthurt shippers bashing other ships. I don't think she even lives in the US.

Dude thought they were Porky Minch and desperately wanted to fuck the dalmation from Um Jammer Lammy for a while, along with the cogs from Toontown and Coach Z. I'd make a thread but I'm honestly scared of fucking it up.

She just seems like a massive attention whore really, since all she does is get off from looking "different" in any way she can. Recommended Slideshows 44 Pictures. Chastity belt masturbation. Then proceeded to leave her Twitter, post pic related, and make a new Twitter.

She's literally so rustled about other people having any creative control. He seems truly unhinged but I can't make heads or tails of any of his posts no matter how many times I try to decipher them so I can't even tell what the milk is supposed to be.

She's can't let go of her own insecurities, she can't let go of control, she acts uninterested and up her own ass during meet-and-greets, she's a slob who thinks she's hot shit. Are you kidding me. The only one I could find is 2 years old, and I feel obnoxious bumping a thread that old. Only one way to find out. It hurts literally nothing to make a thread about Shiloh if farmers want to discuss her. I thought Cora was with her father, idk why she's with Peach now cause it implies she's been home recently.

Idk what do you guys think?

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This woman is her late 30's,kids of her own, her teen daughter fled home calling her a crazy bitch, her younger son is messed up, her husband is fed up as she keeps on calling an abulance and sharing their dirtly laundry in public. Really troubling with the 20 seconds of music running on a loop for 7 minutes.

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If I manage to find anything regarding the aforementioned callout post or any more drama regarding them, Slater, or Slater's ex which I doubt considering that was years ago and they're on constant damage controlI'll see if I can make a whole thread so I stop spamming useless info here.

I don't feel confident enough to make a thread either, but would definitely read one. Some even made that stopthegoodreadsbullies site, and some big names like Anne Rice got involved to trash legitimate book reviewers.

The guy wants the entire internet to become his safespace and is now coming after 4chan. Men edging tumblr. Danielle bregoli nudes reddit. I check her remaining public pages regularly. Would be fun to discuss. Can you specify her real age? When you're viewing a Reddit thread and want to explore related media, this extension shows you videos people mentioned within that thread. And now he's unemployed but living in fancy hotels, hopping states and countries semi-regularly, and getting kicked out of his own stores.

They always seem to have a lot of drama regarding people stealing ideas and most of them are pretty full of themselves. White wife black cock tumblr Otherwise we'd have threads on just petty criminals and shit. What are you, June? I think he goes through psychosis which would explain his confused, chaotic writing and the constant paranoia about being followed.

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Reality nude pictures Wouldn't this apply to her?
Danica thrall naked pics Some of them are just stressed out, but some are legitimately neglectful mothers who glorify being pissed at their children. Also yeah I think Feline Darkmage is trans, I know one of the mods is at least trans.
Josh hutcherson naked If the milk isn't interesting enough the thread will die again and that's about it.

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