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E-eat a dick Danielle you sow. Les get dat coin u kno. Sexy trucker girl. Kelsey calemine nude. Her lips are atrocious though. And when they think they are pretty when they are not. She refuses to make an IG as well and so we always make jokes about how she should sell detox tea. I knew something was off with her. The ones dealing with the nostrils wouldn't. Her face is at least better than jen's.

Someone made a thread on her here because she didn't answer their comments iirc. Sweaty lesbian porn. Everything was "super in atm" once. Should've banned the nigger who kept going on about it. It's a trend that was just started these past few months. I been following this thread from the beginning I also like this aesthetic and yeah, she was posted ONCE and immediately people started freaking the fuck out like they do about any women who isn't skinny.

Like prostitutes get money, instaheauxes get followers and eventually money bc they promote their shitty shit, but what do you get? Not to shit on anyone's personal preference for their own face but I can't help but think in 10 years time people will look back and cringe at themselves for having so much slap on.

Beauty can be varied you daft cunts. Get some fucking taste and stop posting literal trannies guys. I have literally never heard it in any other context in a real life setting. Only chick thats pretty in this entire thread is taylor hills. Gods she was glorious. I need her aging secrets. It was pretty embarrassing. She was always my fav and I wish she win.

It's simply astonishing what a good ol' rhinoplasty will do to one's level of attractiveness. Real sex doll tumblr. Never a fucking again. Gurl we are discussing clothes, calm yo' beans. BMI of 25 is considered overweight btw. If some russian goes to Ghana and makes biracial children there, you will show a picture of this children as a example of how russians look?

Tbh I'm envious of her skin tone. I love before and afters too but half of them get ps to face and body, extensions, have layers of make-up on, etc. Obviously she worked hard or paid a lot of money to get this body so I guess she like it. Lots of healthy girls adhere to the glowy, polished look.

A lot of these whores get pooped on by rich arabian men. Even worse when you consider that given her family's wealth she really doesn't need to do this ever, but continues to do it anyway.

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I understand why you would be insecure about it if you believe it's important, but can you explain why you believe it's so important? And yes, you sound exceedingly perturbed for very little reason.

She's the only person I've met that looks like an IG hoe irl without ten pounds of makeup. It was definitely the other poster who started it. Brazzers com x videos. Nothing wrong with that, but I think it's way too heavy handed a look on women.

Either way they are all Italian. My manz there's milk dribbling from your own tiddies in a steady stream lol come on its getting quite embarrassing. Not if you have a naturally stronk honk and babby lips… like me: Of course this was in the 90s before contouring, but look at her eyebrows and her lips. I love the barbie aesthetic. Her lips are atrocious though.

It's a trend that was just started these past few months.

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Is her hair real? Go take some pills instead of projecting your mental illness on a chinese scrabble board. I only know her because ppl reblog her selfies.

There is something so beautiful about refined, not in your face features. She's my favorite in this thread so far though. I had to hold my laugh. College wild parties 18. Kelsey calemine nude. She sticks out like a sore thumb. It's been a long time, lol. Get some fucking taste and stop posting literal trannies guys. Even worse when you consider that given her family's wealth she really doesn't need to do this ever, but continues to do it anyway.

Google her with hair, she's got blondeish brown curls like Jasmine Saunders the model. A lot of the makeup techniques, like 'baking' concealer and heavy contour, actually were developed by drag queens. Naked women in cartoons. No one gives a fuck whether or not you agree with someone's aesthetic opinions. Man I thought her eyes were legit. Ugh I should be girly.

It's really the only reason I have ANY skills at all. It's almost like drake created them as his champagne mami army. She is definitely not ugly in fact a bit pretty but also not a special beauty, basic bitch with a fake right eye I say.

She has foundation on. I hate trends so fucking much. Noses are the center of the face gdi! That's the best part. To me she's just fat and squeezed into a corset because trust me, any chubby girl will have that upper body if you force it into a too-small corset. Is it really just because she's fat? There are girls who look like this naturally and they don't really count for that very reason.

Take my image for example, she still embodies the look but it's a very light no-makeup makeup approach. Fashion historian and Parsons professor Beth Dincuff credits Ratajkowski and the Kardashians for pushing swimwear trends to daring new heights — and lows.

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