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Oh and calling me fat doesn't hurt my feelings, surprisingly, because unlike you I don't base everything about myself on looks. Nude female news reporters. Is it like rented out by certain people and you can only get in if you're on a "guest list?

Jessica isn't even a real model and voice acting for dumb weab shit doesn't count as being an actress. Meg turney leaked nudes. I should know, I do Youtube videos for a living: How do they not notice shit like this? It could easily be BS so people can rally behind her against the big, meanie, nasty bad guys by buying her shit. Trying so hard to be sexy and she looks like someone's homely aunt from Nebraska. I'm not Luna but I promise you if I ever see you at a convention I'm going to straight up deck your ugly potato face.

My guess is that you're gross as fuck in real life and someone Luna didn't give the time of day to. There's no fixing that ass. Dating back to Reddit when you first asked about her on the now defunct nigri fanpage. Drunk adults being dumb as hell. Nude pictures of ellen page. Though I wish I saved the facebook comments which had 2 guys who I looked up after they commented saying she was a bitch to work with. Almost as awful as stella chuus trashy dental floss underwatch designs. That refund gap tho.

Meg left RoosterTeeth after a year or so, and soon thereafter was involved in a controversy at TwitchTV for reportedly violating their rules of conduct regarding streaming. She just doesn't seem the sort to post progress images.

There were lots of people to add to that testimony. I'm pretty sure she's like a B cup at most. Because that seems like minimum effort. Her videos are 3 minutes long at the most. No one no longer focused on the fact that it originally started out about her scamming her fans which was the true issue. Go advertise on r9k next psycho. This was so cringey to watch it's so bad. Aunty boobs nude photos. Why would she cut apart official leggings??

Basically you're annoying and should stop. Why doesn't she soften her look? I don't understand why the shoop is just unsettling. Some place with super nice beaches and posted gifs in the teenage mutant Ninja turtles bikini. Weird face gross body. I remember there was a discussion about this a while back. Oh right because there is none. I really could give a shit less. A lot of people who get them end up going back because they regret not going larger.

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Even when she is wrinkly and grey, she can still stay relevant by judging, making tutorials, making cosplays for others, etc.

I remember there was a discussion about this a while back. Kylie jenner got hers done and it looks fairly similar to enji's No hate on enji I genuinely hope she takes down nigri and co lol.

PNG Dat five head. No ads porn. We dont have to make anything up. All of that working together is what makes her attractive. He did look pretty good as Booker but the people saying they're having an affair behind their spouse's back are just taking off like crazy. Nothing she has made cosplay-wise has wowed me though. Is she embarrassed about her plastic surgeries?

Thats you and your friends being fucking idiots. He did slow mo shots for Hot Fuzz, Sherlock Holmes 2 and often called to assist on projects.

She was doing better as a cosplayer instead of a Patreon ho. Meg turney leaked nudes. Abs on females are really hard to maintain if you're cardio heavy and its hard to eat clean at cons and during costume crunch.

I always thought her hair looked great in this shoot. Kelly kelly hot nude. Meg left RoosterTeeth after a year or so, and soon thereafter was involved in a controversy at TwitchTV for reportedly violating their rules of conduct regarding streaming.

Even small app companies. Hate Martin and Philly D. One was from Lollipop Chainsaw. The second photo from the left I have no problems with, but in all the other ones minus the skirt one, which has no visible panties and is going to give me nightmares for other reasons it just looks stupid how her expression is completely unconnected to what she's doing.

She had a supporting role in a music video released by RoosterTeeth. I don't know if it was me or what. It's a fucking waste of money and she never interacts with her patreons. I actually dare you do to anything to my accounts, Luna.

Every single thing she does looks like it came out of the Halloween store. Naked muscle girls pics. Her most annoying thing, I think, is just how she barges in to every conversation with her own opinion on the matter. She refers to them as 'toots'. I cant decide whats worse, being the girl beta fags only care about for their bodies, or actually being a betafag.

She's for this worse than most lolcows, because they are all around putting in no effort like Momobut Nigri puts in some effort so none of this is beyond her. Got on photoshop just to see what I could do. They look a bit more puffy than they did a couple weeks ago.

I don't see a difference now from last year. Nigri doesn't really contribute much at all. Apparently after Nathan Deluca found out and confronted her about all her life ruining lies, she "turned a new leaf.

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God she is such a lazy cunt. Then again on the nigri2 Reddit fan page. I don't understand who thought this looked good. I guess I just thought Loonie was too poor for a rhinoplasty so I assumed she's been photoshopping her nose instead. I was curious to see snowflakes in a controlled environment.

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