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But what any rational person sees in the video, what WE ALL SEE, is an inebriated, barely conscious, half-naked and helpless man at his most vulnerable being taken advantage of, in an attempt to incirminate him by trying to put words in his mouth, by a manipulative psychopath behind a camera.

Then I assume they broke up, and years later he started going out with a questionably younger girl who thought he's cool and he's trying to do the same thing again and go viral and it's not working.

Her content is shit too. Assuming that they were in a psychotic state of mind. Www literorica com. Luv her white panties she looks great I Luv to wear panties. I used to like him when I was scene back in the day. Sara heimis nude. She's in the US! About being a "published model", about the amount of followers she has, about how blessed she is even though she's actually a miserable bitch putting on a front for the internetabout how much tips she makes at her shitty bar job, about how her fat emo boyfriend is the best man in the world, about going on vacation, about getting new tattoos, about her hair and the clothes she buys.

I've constantly questioned what the hell is up with her. Jeff Seid used to be so milky, too bad he grew up. I really thought he was just another fake nice tumblr-esque girl using lolcow as a place to garner attention. Weeks pass and after a lot of rumors she justified her cheating by saying Oliver cheated on her with strippers by letting them dance on him and that he had slapped her before.

That was really, really bad. Divas naked pics. Would be nice to present new milk in a new thread. This Chinese also smokes with her pussy. Sorry to anyone who wanted it.

She posts typical ana shit like platefuls of food with only 1 bite taken out of something yet she is bone thin. Theres no real drama even, just an autist who googles wildchild once a week or so to sperg at a new place. With all the shit they started then I don't think anyone could care if they were alive or dead, but obviously it would be better for everyone if they were dead.

She used to put out videos I enjoyed but has been on a downward slope since e-fame. As soon as he started dating her his streaming career plummeted she basically ruins everyone she associates with. If you didn't already find out Willesee has collabed with Candy Ken: She started crying in a thankyou video about Jaclyn Glenn acknowledging her bars donation.

It just looks like typical L. Then buys two more. I once found one but it had just one reply or something cause nobody was interested. The worst thing that can happen is someone mentions his dreaded wc trigger word and he spends a few days sperging out and literally shaking from forum-based PTSD.

And used her mother's terminal illness to get asspats. How did they troll everyone? There has to be something I'm not understanding since they seem to be more hated than most cows. All girls xnxx. I'd love to get some more milk from them. I say just forget about it. I removed myself because I just couldn't take her shit anymore.

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She has been bragging about it. Anime futanari manga. I remember watching them as a teen and finding out that Nate was dating Leda Monster bunny I think?? I promise to never speak of this again. Unless you have some proof to show.

Trivia but the Sex Party had a legalisation agenda afaik. The last thing we need is a mass of autistic, Alt-Right, edgy trolls a-logging, doxxing and shitting up all over the place. The Sigil person seemed to have potential tho. Candids of Sarah Hyland looking good in leggings and a tiny sports bra while out and about!

I really don't think the thread will be as bad as people think it will be as long as the moderators are fairly active and people report and ignore. The previous Null thread not the KF one got moved to manure btw. Bonus video for example https: GIFs of Sarah Hyland working out at the gym in the same tights we saw her wear when she showed us her camel toe.

I would be super on board for that. Sara heimis nude. Halter top tits. The sky is not the limit. That clutch is not worth 50 dollars. Shame she's a piece of shit. If some of the paranoid schizophrenic anons insist we have a very speshul thread that is never on the front page and is hard to follow Raven then fucking fine. Almost 2 mlns subs. But from what I understand, there were videos of him being abused.

Even I had to stay away from that kind of garbage after. Here is a video explaining things. Its hilarious watching her transform her entire personality within a few weeks. On mobile, so forgive the lack of caps.

There's something off kelter about her and I wanna know what the hell is going on. Zombie movie porn. People have zero self awareness. I love unironic crazyness like this. Sarah Hyland in a Skimpy Bikini! Tough shit, it's anonymous. Also, what is the actual order of the changes in these images? I wonder what that was about. If someone is high functioning enough to be running around without supervision then they're high functioning enough to learn from their mistakes, so if someone is crossing boundaries again and again despite being told that's not okay, they're probably just a dick.

I'm a for a Josh Moon thread as long as it doesn't get too autistic and cause too much autism from Josh himself and kiwi farms members. A lot of what I've heard on him I only really heard in passing so I would have to do more research before I actually put together an outline on him.

I knew it was out there but haven't ever seen any, never been around during a raid or anything like that. Only one "fitness" YouTuber has made videos disrespecting Rich, just for views, and that's Blaha. He's a rich kid youtuber living in New York. She is one fucked up mother fucker. Fri, 19 Oct Published in Cleavage.

I assumed it was obvious that he was going out with mars argo who seemed more independently creative and kooky, they made mid 00s indie pop music and tried to start a quirky weird hipster show.

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Patrik is an ultra cunt, thinks he has connections in Japan with Japanese bands, he really doesn't the only connections he has is with other vkei weebs like Yohio or Seike I could go on for awhile but whatever.

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I've constantly questioned what the hell is up with her. I'd definitely be interested in a new thread for her. Creases I would understand but she has full on sagging skin under her eyes. Japan big tits tube. Naked girl movie stars However, as it would function as a lolcow thread, and as the thread wouldn't be for everyone and it would increase the moderation time of people as people have different political beliefs, then maybe set a few ground rules such as no debating and have a separate containment debate thread deep in the reaches of lolcow farm where the mods don't go, and then have a free for all for those who want to debate.

Funny that, considering a good chunk of their forum is calling actual supermodels fat and ugly. She lost her virginity at age 12 to a boy in Italy while she was on vacation with her parents. Please Login or Sign Up to save your points. If enough people are interested, we could start a thread for her? So, who wore it better? He recently appeared on Dr.

OP anon has an OP ready to go and is firmly behind not starting a new thread until the milk drops.

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