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Classic examples include William Tell and Robin Hood. This particular shot occurred at about 60 yards, which is extremely close range for a sniper rifle, though the size of the revolver being shot at means it wasn't exactly easy at that range either. Kelsey calemine nude. Sunrider suicide nude. Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments. In Mass Effect 3during the first part of the game, one of the ongoing conversations that a player can eavesdrop on is a volus by the name of Rupe Elkoss talking with a human woman named Sarah about "Sanctuary", the much-advertised "safe haven" from the war.

Anderson and released in Somewhat justified in the fact that Binky is the legendary Pale Horse. Later, it was discovered that similar nests contained embryos of Oviraptor rather than Protoceratopsrevealing that the so-called thief was actually a dutiful parent who died while protecting its offspring from the elements.

Spock pulls it off, using the equations Scotty developed in the prime timeline. Compare a point blank hit with a shotgun which blows the enemy into many bloody chunks. The widespread superstition at the time that the visit of a doctor was a sign of impending death wasn't far off the mark. He apparently won a sharp shooting contest while he was 17 against several professional snipers with much more experience.

In Capcom 's unreleased KingpinTrixie the Moll is killed only after her jewels are methodically shot off first. Naked selfie facebook. If it wasn't for the fast Basch kills him with an equally improbable shot albeit with an armor-piercing arrowhead, so he didn't need to aim at a weak spot, the man would probably be deserving of a promotion. Every initiate of the Citadel we get much insight of, from the surrogate parent of Maester Cressen, the sleazy Maester Pycelle, the dedicatedly heretical ex-maester Qyburn to the sincerely devoted Maester Luwin and others A commonly-heard slur against toy dogs in general, and Chihuahuas in particular, is the claim that they're more like rats than dogs.

Robert jokes that Jaime was probably just tired and needed a place to sit In the same book Dobby, a house-elftries to convince Harry not to come back to Hogwarts, claiming it will put him in great danger; he later tries to force Harry to go home.

The door was made with wood from the same tree from before. Because he missed a shot, the archer loses his fame and dies alone and forgotten, never firing a shot again out of shame; while the daedra becomes somewhat of a celebrity for dodging the arrow, gains worshippers, and has shrines built for him.

Adunsavior View Profile View Posts. Her character profile mentions that she can hit targets from up to ,km away, and that she once shot the wings off a sparrow while standing on the second moon of the planet that the sparrow was on. The plan turns out to be real, but the Wardens aren't involved in any way. Also seen in this xkcd. The Awakening is called "Sharpshooter's Eye," which eliminates penalties except cover penalties to the caster's next ranged attack.

He can shoot off the firing pin of a derringer tinier than a pinky — and do so faster than his shadow. In the 17th century, there was a practice of publishing new discoveries with the letters scrambled, giving the writer time to get confirmation and the possibility establish priority in case of someone getting it in the meantime.

When Nate's not looking, he lets it fly and nails a dragonfly so that the pebble knocks the body dead-center, leaving the wings on either side. Later, when taken to a shooting range, he shoots off his rounds pretty quickly. This can be somewhat forgiven, however, as both characters were relatively close to one another.

Which he just happened to bring with him. Working now with restore patch so I thought I'd leave this here for anyone having issues. Lesbian teacher mature. Tiberium Wars has a deliberate Take That!

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This was during a motorcycle chase. Blue Reconstructionwhen the reds are fighting Washington and Church. Big tits seduce. If he doesn't feed them first they won't work and also will sometimes beat each other up.

The drone's operators are rather shocked when they're told that the man they're trying to take out is only armed with a high-powered rifle. In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Hawkeye is an expert marksman who chooses to use a bow because of the challenge. It wasn't due to divine favor, however - the blood aerated the concrete, making it more durable.

When he's up against a Predator drone about half a kilometer away, he manages to down it with nothing but a rifle. If there are four years in a decade, she's 10 decades. Ace AttorneyDrew Misham, an art forger, had a postage stamp framed for whatever reason. You need to login to do this. Sunrider suicide nude. Public pissing pics. In one instance he won a Duel to the Death by firing two arrows at once. Terrik believes the visit is regarding one of Karrde's associates, Aves, getting his own ship. When They Cry gives us the four Chiester sisters.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Surprisingly for enemies that are Demonic Kamikaze Spiders in close combat, Psychos have perfect accuracy whether they're twenty or two hundred yards away.

They all used sniper rifles; he used a revolver. While an odd example, Ataru Moroboshi usually uses a frying pan to block Jariten's fire breath and to hit him away, usually a few blocks. Across the span of a bridge. At one point he runs out of arrows and starts shooting piece of rebar at people. The patch seems to be working here. Naked college hotties. He unloads his entire magazine at someone less than three feet away Displayed by your enemies in Will Rock: When Mushu decides that he needs to make Mulan a war hero to redeem himself in the eyes of the Fa family ancestors, he blithely forges a letter informing the unit Mulan is in that another army unit is engaging the Huns and in desperate need of their help.

I guess I have wicked aim. It chooses to do the most difficult but still viable shots possible in order to show off. I jes couldn't miss a German's head or body at that distance. Do not place the Decensor Patch folder into the "game" folder, only the two files.

Also in the same game, Dante manages to pull off "stacking" five bullets on the end of the handle of his sword a la Robin Hood, just with bulletsstuck inside the Big Badeach landing perfectly behind the other, with the final one thrusting it into its core.

Thrawn's The Chessmaster and a Manipulative Bastard who is often magnificentand usually he's spectacular at gauging what any given individual will do in response to the situation.

Do I get to see different girls if I've choosen differently? The ever-suspicious Efficient Baxter from P. He can shoot out the sun and hit a target on the other side of the world. They even went through the trouble of using Wanted style improbable physics. His father is also murdered by an unseen gunman who shoots him from "two cities away".

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In Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsVoldemort assumes that Harry is going to sacrifice himself because he doesn't want to see the others die around him. He survived to die from natural causes aged They view it as a power-grab, and they're absolutely right, but the nobles are more upset that an up-jumped farmer presumes to lead them than they are that someone seized the throne.

Hermione points out that electrical devices don't work around Hogwarts. Sharpe has this a few times. He was thus not just unaware that Africa is not connected to Asia by the West, but also that African and Asian elephants are different species, possibly that there were elephants in Africa south of the Sahara or maybe, like other Greeks of his time, he believed that Ethiopia, the only part of Subsaharan Africa Greece had some vague knowledge about, was part of, or laid close to Indiaand that Asian elephants had actually lived once in the Middle East, but had been driven to local extinction around BC.

Adunsavior View Profile View Posts. It is not unfair when you compare it to the ammunition used by other pilots flying the same type of aircraft. So fire has to be in the center. Superman is a real person!

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